Vancouver New Year's Eve Events

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New Year’s Eve in Vancouver is the one night of the year that gives everyone the best chance to hookup and provides the false hope of self-improvement in the next 12-months. It’s a time when drunken text messages reach an all-time high and throwing up in the streets is an honoured tradition. And if none of that charms you, then it’s also a great time to drink an entire bottle of wine at home and catch up on movies and sleep.


But don’t be that person. Instead check out our complete list of Vancouver New Year’s Eve events and plan for a night you’ll never forget – well that’s to say if you remember anything the very next morning. From massive parties at trendy hotels to a more intimate setting at smaller clubs, concerts and bar crawls, dinner and dance cruises, and more – we’re providing you all the information you need to know for celebrating New Year’s Eve in Vancouver.