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Clough Club

212 Abbott Street , Vancouver

Named for John Clough, 19th century Gastown's booze-addled lamplighter and jailer, the Clough Club melds classic style with tasteful modernity. Designer Craig Stanghetta (Bao Bei, Meat and Bread) used as much of the 110-year old building's bones as possible, commissioning installations and creating decor that offset the old-fashioned feel of the original space. 

The Clough Club’s craft cocktail list is dark-spirit forward, with a focus on house made barrel-aged recipes served up by some of Vancouver’s finest cocktailers. Carefully selected beer and BC and Chilean wines round out the menu, while the food is authentic South American tapas, using locally sourced and organic ingredients.

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Taste Lounge

560 Seymour Street , Vancouver

Sights, sounds, and flavours mix beautifully with TASTE at FIVESIXTY. Bespoke cocktails and delicious share plates make TASTE at FIVESIXTY an unforgettable experience. Join us for a relaxing cocktail after work or get your evening started at Vancouver's most sought-after venue.

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The Cascade Room

2616 Main Street , Vancouver

Welcome to The Cascade Room, situated by what was once Brewery Creek, where the original Vancouver Brewery brewed some mighty fine beers. However, nothing compared to their flagship brew, "Cascade - The Beer without Peer".

The Cascade Room is our nod to that fine drop, the neighbourhood we live in, and to all those who came before us.

We offer a fine selection of beers and extensive cocktail list, along with our British Pub inspired menu.

Whatever you desire, whether it’s a rickey, a daisy, a crusta or a julep - a sling, a sour, a flip or a fix - a frappe, a mist, a cooler or a float - a fizz, a toddy, a cobbler or a nog - a smash, a punch or just a kick in the balls... we’ll endeavour to make that too.

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Oasis Ultra Lounge

1240 Thurlow , Vancouver

After undergoing a recent facelift in October, Oasis is finally living up to its destiny as the hottest gay spot in the city. It was only a matter of time, as it occupies a prime location overlooking the heart of the Davie Village and Vancouver's gay community.

Its first successful re-awakening was with DJ Adam Dreaddy and Joan-E's controversial ‘FAG FRIDAYS'. One night at a time, Oasis will continue to replicate its success with varied content, giving you no reason to consider going anywhere else, truly making itself your oasis in the city.

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The Narrow Lounge

1898 Main Street , Vancouver

The Charles Bar

136 Cordova Street West , Vancouver

The Charles Bar literally supports the ground floor of the famous Woodward's building, a perfect metaphor for the way the popular bar holds down residents and neighbours in their socializing and entertainment needs. The room's airy, modern design and unique V-shape allow for simultaneous trivial pursuits - guests can crowd the bar watching a game on the 9' HD screen while around the corner others can be enjoying well-crafted food and drink menus in low booths. The Charles Bar staff are well known to Gastown locals, who make regulars of themselves for the guaranteed good times while DJs round out the venue on weekend nights, dropping everything from classic hip hop to vintage rock n roll to indie remixes of your favourite songs.

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If you’re looking for stylish refinement rather than pulsating beats in your nightlife experience, we understand.  Sometimes you need a more sophisticated way of experiencing Vancouver nightlife. That’s why BLC lists are carefully curated and editor-approved to provide you with the most popular Vancouver lounges.  When it comes to cocktail sipping, professional DJs performing at an appropriate volume and good conversation amongst friends, we have you covered.

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Vancouver Louges in Gastown

There are several lounges in Vancouver’s Gastown neighbourhood, the oldest part of the city where the history of wetting ones whistle runs deep. During the day it’s a place of sightseeing, local fashion and art as visitors come to check out the city’s original downtown core.  Gastown was once home to over 300 bars and while that number may have decreased, the historic district is still home to some of Vancouver’s top bars and lounges.


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Lux Lounge

1180 Howe Street , Vancouver

At Lux Lounge we aim to provide memorable experiences time & time again through the quality food & drinks we serve & the outstanding atmosphere we serve it in! We offer a wide variety of menu options - a la carte, a wide array of world fusion cuisine, canapés & platters & set menus - something for everyone! Guests can sit back, relax, enjoy one of our signature cocktails crafted by one of our talented mixologists or try one of our locally produced craft beers - all whilst playing a game of free pool. Lux Lounge features oversized ornate skylights, crystal chandeliers, as well as a fireplace to create an intimate and enjoyable experience. This is not to be outdone by our outstanding outdoors experience; fountains & two covered patios; flooded with sunlight during the day & kept cosy & warm with heaters at night. Our enchanting grass courtyard is the perfect oasis in the middle of downtown Vancouver. We also offer packages from food & drinks to entertainment & hotel rooms with our adjoining Holiday Inn & Suites.

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Society Dining Lounge

1257 Hamilton Street , Vancouver

Inspired by our favorite nightspots in LA and New York, Society delivers quirky comfort food in style. From Milkshakes with a kick, and Lobster Shepherd’s Pie, to the best burgers in town, there’s something here you’ll talk about for days after dinner. Imagine dimly lit booths filled with shadows cast by epic pink chandeliers. To be seen, or to hide away, both are possible, and pretty much anything goes. This is Society.

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Killjoy Cocktail Tavern

1120 Hamilton Street , Vancouver

With a completely deconstructed piano greeting guests and arcane neon – accented light installations, the décor is eclectic and raw. Here you can sip and savour a glass of wine on tap or a gin cocktail poured by Yaletown’s finest cocktail bartenders, while Chefs customize meat and cheese offerings from favoured local suppliers – the perfect pairing.

Custom lights from Chromoly float above the staircase leading down to a small, low-ceilinged nightclub space, glowing dimly with exposed bulb fixtures, lighting cinderblock brick and glassed-in walls that are over 100 years old. The rough warehouse feel of the room is barely offset by the minimalist, modern furnishings and contemporary tunes pumping out of the DJ booth.

Killjoy is about Style, music, food and drink.

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