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Chronic Ink Tattoo Shop

2352 Yonge Street , Toronto

Body Of Art Tattoo

567 Queen Street West , Toronto

Passage Tattoo

Church 473 Street , Toronto

Pearl Harbour Gift Shop

24 Kensington Avenue , Toronto

Black Line Studio

King 577 Street West , Toronto

Imperial Tattoo

Ossington 9 Avenue , Toronto

Seven Crowns Tattoo

Yonge 2499 Street , Toronto

The Okey Doke Tattoo Shop

853 College Street , Toronto

Fabrizio Divari Art

Queen 1336 Street West , Toronto

Tattoo Rock Parlour

Queen 567 Street West , Toronto

Archive Tattoo Studio

Dundas 1528 Street West , Toronto

Toronto Tattoo Shops

Finding a legit Toronto tattoo parlor can be tough, given the amount of shops in the city. Most of them are awesome, but let’s face it. Some of ‘em can be shady. We’ve all heard (or had) horror stories. Do your research before going under that needle.

At most reputable tattoo parlours in Toronto, you’ll get what you pay for. Better artists charge more for their work than average ones. Plain and simple. So when buddy who operates out of his dingy, hep-ridden apartment says he’ll do it for half the price of the other guys, there’s probably a reason. Why cheap out on something that’s going to last forever anyway? Finding the best tattoo parlours in Toronto to suit your needs should take a bit of time based on the type of art you're looking to get. Most artists specialize in specific styles. Browse our list of awesome tattoo shops in Toronto to get started.

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