Wings 'N Things
Wings 'N Things

We are Wings 'N Things

A restaurant in Montreal.

  • 5475 Royalmount Avenue ,
  • Montreal, Quebec,
  • H4P 1J3
(514) 733-0765

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what makes us great

Once upon a time, in a land not far away at all, there existed a restaurant that served the best chicken wings known to man!!

Back in the day Wings 'N Things took the restaurant industry by storm, providing all of their clients with outstanding food and impeccable service, all in a fun filled family environment. Now 25 years later, Wings 'N Things has been often imitated but never duplicated, we now offer you the opportunity to re-live that experience. 

Forget what you think you know about wings and let our chef tantalize your taste buds with different unique sauces and tons of "Things" to choose from. 

We look forward to serving you!!

Wings 'N Things

5475 Royalmount Avenue, Montreal, H4P 1J3

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Wings ‘N Things are the self-proclaimed “Chicken Wing Kings in Montreal,” and with more than 25 years of business under their belts, it’s a tough statement to argue. Their new Royalmount Ave. location is perfect whether you want to dine-in and watch the game on any of their three TVs, order takeout or give ‘em a ding for chicken wing delivery in Montreal. Basically, you choose your style (regular, breaded, boneless or grilled), amount (anywhere from six – 200) and any of the nine sauces (including the popular Peanut Butter and Jack Daniel’s BBQ). The “things” in question at Wings ‘N Things include sides like waffle fries and onion rings, and mains like burgers, salads, grilled cheese, and desserts.

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