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A bistro in Montreal.

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  • 275 Fairmont Street W,
  • Montreal, Quebec,
  • H2A 0A1
(514) 509-1341
what makes us great

When asked what kind of food Voro serves, the somewhat inaccurate answer of ‘rustic Mediterranean’ often elicits curious looks (and even more questions).

While it’s true to say that most of Voro’s culinary inspiration is drawn from the Mediterranean region as a whole, the menu is more of a simplified, curious blend of old world flavours with new world favourites.

Head chef and co-owner Jesse MacDonald sees Voro’s cuisine as a progressive evolution of traditional ideas. A Plateau native, MacDonald has grown up surrounded by Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek and Lebanese influences.

“Just as war and invasion have historically resulted in the spread of new crops, herbs and cooking techniques across Europe, emigrants to North America further adapted and changed these traditions to suit their needs and surroundings,” he says.

“Voro’s menu is just another evolutionary stage,” admits MacDonald. “The ‘traditions’ that leave our kitchen don’t always look the same way they did coming in.”


275 Fairmont Street, Montreal, H2A 0A1


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