Urban Outfitters (Centre-Ville)
Urban Outfitters (Centre-Ville)

We are Urban Outfitters (Centre-Ville)

A shopping in Montreal.

  • 1246 Sainte-Catherine Street West,
  • Montreal, Quebec,
  • H3B 1K1
(514)874 0063

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what makes us great

Urban Outfitters is a global retailer with a boutique approach. Does that sound like a contradiction? How about this: Urban Outfitters is the biggest small retailer in the world. Still confused? That’s because we didn’t start Urban Outfitters to make sense on paper and we certainly never thought we’d be writing something like a brand bio. Hell, we don’t even have a logo.

Urban Outfitters (Centre-Ville)

1246 Sainte-Catherine Street, Montreal, H3B 1K1


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