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  • 2 Alexis Nihon Place ,
  • Montreal, Quebec,
  • H3Z 3C2
(514) 738-6607

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what makes us great

While known as dedicated gym junkies, we do, in fact, have a gratifying weakness for sweets and baking (especially cookies) to satisfy our ever-occurring sweet tooth. We were often disappointed in the retail choices available so in the quest to create the most hearty, high-quality, awesome tasting cookie, we began experimenting with cookie recipes from a stack of old cookbooks from our parents’ basement. Without any culinary school training, we spent countless hours in the kitchen colliding recipes, and mixing and sifting ingredients found in our pantry. A few years later, after countless tastings with friends and family (usually our older brother) and devouring an obscene amount of cookie dough, it was very clear that we had finally perfected our cookie recipe.

Since we take great pride in our passionate baking cravings, we want to offer our fans only the best, therefore we believe in keeping with a simple philosophy of co-creating each and every cookie solely with the purest ingredients (and most importantly, lots of love!) While others might relax by watching a classic 80s movie or sipping a glass of Pinot Noir after a long stressful day, we simply love to whip up a new batch of scrumptious cookies and selfishly indulge with a large glass of milk. Our original cookie recipe is the hub for our growing cookie journey to come so we hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we love baking them. Now stop reading about us…buy some awesome cookies and savour every bite!!


2 Alexis Nihon Place , Montreal, H3Z 3C2

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Real good cookies made by real-life twins are delivered right to your door for all kinds of events like weddings, parties, fundraisers, and corporate functions. The Massi sisters have a serious passion for cookies, which they co-create to bake up some original recipes. All of their goods can be delivered to you by placing an online order.

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