The Rickshaw Theatre
The Rickshaw Theatre

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A concert venue in Vancouver.

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  • 254 Hastings Street E,
  • Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • V6A1P1
(604) 681-8915

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The Rickshaw Theatre, formerly known as the Shaw Theatre, was built in 1971 as part of the Shaw Brothers' worldwide movie empire. By the mid eighties, the Shaw Theatre closed its doors as interest in the Kung-Fu movie genre waned. 

The theatre sat more or less dormant until David Duprey reopened it as a live music venue in 2009 and renamed it the Rickshaw Theatre. Realizing the Rickshaw's potential for being an outstanding music venue, Mo Tarmohamed came on board in the summer of 2011 followed by Stephen Lyons to help run the operations. 

The theatre boasts possibly the best sight-lines of any music venue in the city as well as a quality sound system and the capacity can be easily configured to accommodate 200 to 600 people. The re-opening of the theatre also marks an important step in the ongoing revitalization of the Downtown Eastside.

The Rickshaw Theatre

254 Hastings Street, Vancouver, V6A1P1

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