The Prophouse Cafe
The Prophouse Cafe

We are The Prophouse Cafe

A café in Vancouver.

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  • 1636 Venables Street ,
  • Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • V5L2H2

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what makes us great

We are a community Cafe that encourages musicians and artists to come in and play & get inspired throughout the day, and book shows at night for friends, family and fans to come and watch them play, read or share.

We help many types of artists and shows with COOL PROPS for their productions and projects - We Like To Share !

We serve a variety of fresh and healthy food, and believe we have the BEST VEGGIE BURGER in the WORLD ! - and you can build it the way you like it.

The Prophouse Cafe

1636 Venables Street, Vancouver, V5L2H2

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Local denizens know that to come to the Prophouse is a trip as much for the ambiance as it is the coffee. Included in the vintage décor is a “jukebox,” consisting of hundreds of vinyl you select yourself or a functioning 8-track player. The bizarre paintings, chairs and lampshades make this spot as kitschy as it is cool and a great spot to have a cup of joe and hash out a board game duel. Prophouse has long supported poets, musicians and artists of all sorts, having entertainment multiple nights a week. With free wifi, live music appearances, good brunch and great baked goods, this is a stellar choice for an eclectic board game outing.

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