The Monkey Tree Pub
The Monkey Tree Pub

We are The Monkey Tree Pub

A pub in Victoria.

  • 4025 Borden Street ,
  • Victoria, British Columbia,
  • V8X2E8

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what makes us great

Built in 1986 The Monkey Tree Pub was built to an exeedingly high standard, the quality and care of craftsmanship lasts today both inside and out. A dream come true for the now B.C. hospitality icon, Mr Gordon Charles Card. The origin of the pubs name, coming from that there was a very Large Monkey Tree of 60 ft+ that stood on the highest point of land at the pubs was a natural beacon and landmark to the community of Sannich. The Tree itself was felled in the early ninties , but The Pub had quickly secured its position as a landmark , along with its Cold Beer and Wine store which was one of the first non- Govt. owned stores in B.C. From opening day the Pub has been a welcoming place for all people , Built with social interaction and comfort in mind, it has always had an incredibly large and loyal customer base, with regulars from all over the surrounding Victoria area.

The Monkey Tree Pub

4025 Borden Street, Victoria, V8X2E8


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