The Charles Bar
The Charles Bar

We are The Charles Bar

A club in Vancouver.

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  • 136 Cordova Street West,
  • Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • V6B1G1
(604) 568 8040

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what makes us great

The Charles Bar literally supports the ground floor of the famous Woodward's building, a perfect metaphor for the way the popular bar holds down residents and neighbours in their socializing and entertainment needs. The room's airy, modern design and unique V-shape allow for simultaneous trivial pursuits - guests can crowd the bar watching a game on the 9' HD screen while around the corner others can be enjoying well-crafted food and drink menus in low booths. The Charles Bar staff are well known to Gastown locals, who make regulars of themselves for the guaranteed good times while DJs round out the venue on weekend nights, dropping everything from classic hip hop to vintage rock n roll to indie remixes of your favourite songs.

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