The American CheeseSteak
The American CheeseSteak

We are The American CheeseSteak

A restaurant in Vancouver.

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  • 781 Davie Street ,
  • Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • V6Z2S7

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A delicious concoction of beef and melted cheese that has become a sandwich of legendary proportions. Brothers Pat and Harry Olivieri invented the iconic sandwich at there hot dog stand near south Philadelphia's Italian Market in the 1930's. The cheesesteak became so popular that the pair stopped selling hot dogs all together, later opening the renowned Pats King of Steaks in the place where their stand once stood. Today Philadelphia has more than 200 restaurants dedicated to serving this indulgence. The American Cheesesteak Co. is proud to be the first Vancouver restaurant dedicated to this Italian-American tradition, serving authentic cheesesteaks crafted using the finest ingredients. Our sandwiches - made from tender shaved prime rib, proprietary seasonings, savory cheese and freshly baked bread - are individually prepared and grilled to order. In addition to the classic sandwich, we feature specialty cheesesteaks exclusive to the American Cheesesteak Co. These creations are our versions of the venerable classics and are not available anywhere else in North America.

The American CheeseSteak

781 Davie Street, Vancouver, V6Z2S7


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