Tallboys Craft Beer House
Tallboys Craft Beer House

We are Tallboys Craft Beer House

A pub in Toronto.

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  • 838 Bloor Street W,
  • Toronto, Ontario,
  • M6G 1M2
(416) 535-7486

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what makes us great

We serve Ontario craft beer exclusively and work with small independent breweries. We pride ourselves in offering premium craft beer, and similarly our kitchen will serve handmade quality products that we describe as craft food. Our menu includes smash burgers that are ground fresh, in-house, everyday from awesome quality beef, our Koreatown burger with kimchee, bacon, cucumber and green onion mayo; a crispy fried chicken sandwich that’s been brined in beer and buttermilk, and traditional pub fare that’s done right. We have an amazing neighbourhood, right at the end of Koreatown, on a strip filled with Ethiopian restaurants, with a ton of Portuguese influence. We love what we do, and have a passion for craft beer and craft food.

Tallboys Craft Beer House

838 Bloor Street, Toronto, M6G 1M2

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Carrying over 70 types of Ontario craft beer, Tallboys just might have Toronto’s largest selection of craft beer. In fact, it’s all they serve. Still in its relative youth, Tallboys exclusively serves craft beer varieties from around Ontario. They couple these with fresh, handmade craft food, giving proper imbibers the best types of beer foods to go with the best types of beer. Serving dark, amber, blonde, bitter, IPA and more, Tallboys knows how to quench an eclectic thirst. Their falafel burgers, beer-battered fish tacos and classic nachos will help fill the hunger void between beer. Special events include hockey nights and movie trivia with the occasional comedy set tossed into the mix.

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