TacoFino Commissary
TacoFino Commissary

We are TacoFino Commissary

A restaurant in Vancouver.

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  • 2327 Hastings Street ,
  • Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • V5L 1V6
(604)253 8226

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what makes us great

Established in June 2009, Tacofino was the lovechild of Kaeli Robinsong, Jason Sussman and Amy Bockner, whose menu was the result of several years “in the bush” at tree planting camps, world travel and cooking on the Island. Fast “slow” food is a concept that really appeals to us, so we make everything from scratch and with love, but without the wait. Our menu offers quality, freshness and affordability with an environmental and nutritional conscience.

TacoFino Commissary

2327 Hastings Street, Vancouver, V5L 1V6

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Obviously fish tacos all day, everyday. The best place in Vancouver to chow one down is TacoFino Commissary. A little over-priced but the quality of food makes up for it – anyway, 10 tacos for a dollar is just excessive.

If fish tacos aren’t your thing (but seriously, give it a try) then there are plenty of other options. Including Pork Jowl (with cabbage, fried shallot, pineapple and sriracha), the Crispy Potato (with queso fresco, cheddar, and salsa fresca), and the Albacore Tuna (with soy, sesame, wakame, ginger and wasabi mayo). If none of these things got your senses tinkling then I give up.

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