Storm Crow Tavern
Storm Crow Tavern

We are Storm Crow Tavern

A pub in Vancouver.

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  • 1305 Commercial Drive ,
  • Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • V5L3X5

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what makes us great

Like a sports bar, only with less sports and more nerds. Board and card games, tons of sci-fi and fantasy memorabilia, classic 50's creature features on the big screen, delicious dishes and a half dozen local microbrews on tap. Plus one mother of a giant Cthulhu sculpture.

Storm Crow Tavern

1305 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, V5L3X5

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This place is all kinds of epic. From the décor to drink action, this is a genre-fiction fan’s dream watering hole. A licensed restaurant with plenty of menu options, both food and drink, the Storm Crow has lots more of appeal than that. The shelves hold Choose Your Own Adventure books while the walls display shields, swords, axes and lightsabers. Sci-fi and fantasy memorabilia of all sorts is included, like framed photos of Captain Kirk, Freddy Krueger and Peter Jackson. The Hound’s helm is here (fans of Game of Thrones know) and I’m pretty sure that’s Cthulhu on the wall. Their board games range from Catan to Cards Against Humanity with lots more fresh additions. $5 specialty shots are doled out depending on the skill of your D20 roll. Swing by and test your constitution.

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