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Stereo Nightclub

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A nightclub in Montreal.

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  • 858  St Catherine St E Avenue ,
  • Montreal, Quebec,
  • H2L2E3

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what makes us great

Stereo Nightclub was established in 1998 and is located in heart of downtown Montreal. It operated as a bar, after hours and live music venue for up to 1000 people.

Stereo Nightclub is renowned for its unique and internationally famous sound system. It was originally upgraded and perfected by former Twilo sound tech Craig "shorty" Bernabeu. It is Canada's undisputed premier club brand, and one of the few remaining "hot spots" in North America.

The International media has been universal in acclaiming Montreal's Stereo as one of the best clubs in the world. In an interview with BBC's Radio One in 2000, Stereo monthly resident, and Grammy-Winner, David Morales proclaimed Stereo to be the closest modern equivalent to Larry Levan's legendary Paradise Garage (the Studio 54 of under ground night clubbing). Many other major international DJs such as Danny TEnaglia, Satoshi TOmile, Sander Kleinenburg, John Digweed, Roger SAnchez and Eric Morillo have been similarly impressed and named it the new Twilo. Stereo has become a crucial destination for night-clubbers and A-level talent throughout the globe.

Stereo Nightclub features an all-analogue system, including a vintage UREI mixer that recreates the classic vibe of the "Better Days" in a way digital never will. Shortly is also continually building new components and modifying the exsisting system. Stereo is always 'in progress'. The room itself is purpose-built for dancing: the inside walls are 3 feet away from the outer ones, custom-designed as a "box in a box" for studio-level acoustic perfection. The dance floor actually floats on shock absorbers to make sore legs from an all-night session less of a problem!

Stereo Nightclub, co-owned by House Music legend David Morales and party aficlonado Scott Lancaster, is quite simply, a shrine to electronic dance music that attracts DJs from around the world to play for the discerning Montreal crowd

Stereo Nightclub

858  St Catherine St E Avenue, Montreal, H2L2E3

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