Spice Route
Spice Route

We are Spice Route

A restaurant in Toronto.

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  • 499  King  Street ,
  • Toronto, Ontario,
  • M6N1H7

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what makes us great

Impressive in scope, marvelously detailed, laced with drama; the Spice Route pays homage to a phenomenon shrouded in mystery.

The experience at Spice Route is sheer bliss. From the moment one enters, the design is relaxing and indulging. The mixture of eclectic Asian decor, mesmerizing music, and distinctive cuisine is the soul of this spot.

Rare and immediately captivating, yet subdued in style; meticulous in service yet unpretentious; refined in its culinary approach while offering something to satisfy everyone.

Spice Route

499  King  Street, Toronto, M6N1H7

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This is another upscale spot with a massive Asian-inspired patio that offers a nice feeling of seclusion with a lush tree garden separating it from the bustle of King Street. Again, this won’t be your cheapest option if you’re looking for drinks and a bite to eat.

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