Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
Sony Centre for the Performing Arts

We are Sony Centre for the Performing Arts

A attraction in Toronto.

  • 1 Front Street E,
  • Toronto, Ontario,
  • M5E1B2

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SONY CENTRE FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS, Toronto’s first performing arts centre, has played a defining role in the cultural life of Toronto for more than 50 years. Today, the newly renovated Sony Centre’s mission is to unite the global citizens of Toronto through great artistic experiences.

Sony Centre for the Performing Arts

1 Front Street, Toronto, M5E1B2

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Not every show is about screaming along until your lungs go empty and your throat dries with pain. Sometimes you want to avoid the shouting, spitting and prodding elbows of the grittier venues and opt for a nice sit-down environment. If that sounds more to your liking, then the Sony Centre is where you can hope your act ends up.
Located at 1 Front Street on the corner of Yonge, the brightly lit, yellow-bulb canopy sticks out over the pavement that leads into the large foyer. With a capacity just over 3100, this soft-seat theatre is perfect for comfort whether the performance is calm and intimate or riveting and electrical. The second floor balcony has three bars for you to loosen up at before the show or during an intermission (or if you don't care about the opening act).
Tip: The sound is remarkable throughout, but if you get stuck far back in the cheap seats bring your binoculars because you'll be squinting to see who’s playing guitar and who’s singing.

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