Smoke's Poutinerie (Downtown East)
Smoke's Poutinerie (Downtown East)

We are Smoke's Poutinerie (Downtown East)

A poutinerie in Vancouver.

  • 1682 Robson Street ,
  • Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • V6G1C8

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what makes us great

Smoke's Poutinerie is the first of its kind in the World offering a broad menu exclusive to Poutine. The goal of Smoke's Poutinerie is to bring the authentic Quebec classic to the rest of the World.

What makes Poutine at Smoke's Poutinerie so unique? Is it the fries, the seasoning, the gravy, the curds, the toppings or the finished product? The simple answer is that it is all of these elements…plus more!

Smoke's Poutinerie has taken the Traditional Poutine of fries, curd and gravy, and has added fresh toppings making unique, custom Poutine meals for everyone. Whether your preference is beef, chicken, veggies, pork or simply just a different type of sauce, Smoke's Poutinerie has the recipe for you. Choose from over 30 core Poutine menu items or create your own.


Smoke's Poutinerie (Downtown East)

1682 Robson Street, Vancouver, V6G1C8


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