Sitka Surf Shop
Sitka Surf Shop

We are Sitka Surf Shop

A shopping in Vancouver.

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  • 1864 4th Avenue ,
  • Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • V6J 1M3
(604)568 9935

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what makes us great

Sitka is a collective of like-minded individuals; a lifestyle brand designed by the sea and woven by a common thread. At the centre of our collective consciousness is a reverence for our environment – both the natural and urban worlds that we have created for ourselves. Sitka is a product of these environments, in which we find ourselves so at home.

Sitka Surf Shop

1864 4th Avenue, Vancouver, V6J 1M3

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If you hate getting harassed at the high-end boutiques (which p.s., not their fault their bosses chastise them for every missed “hello, let me harass the fuck out of you) then check out Sitka Surf Shop. In fact, it’s so laid back that you’ll probably end up spending an excessive amount of time picking through the racks.

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