Rooster Coffee House (Broadview)
Rooster Coffee House (Broadview)

We are Rooster Coffee House (Broadview)

A bistro in Toronto.

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  • 479 Broadview Avenue ,
  • Toronto, Ontario,
  • M4K 2N4
(416) 995-1530

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Rooster Coffee House (Broadview)

479 Broadview Avenue, Toronto, M4K 2N4

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The Rooster Coffee House has always been a staple over in Riverdale, and the café just recently opened a second location on King Street East. Is there a better of the two? Not exactly – both include friendly and professional staff members working in a relaxed and casual setting. Much like The Tampered Press and Holy Oak Café, the Rooster Coffee House isn’t known for being the go-to place for board games but they do have their own selection available. But be careful if you decide to play a game of Scrabble, you’ll find yourself consuming a lot of iced lattes and tasty coconut macaroons over the course of two hours. This means leaving the coffee shop wired on caffeine and sugar. It really can’t be helped though, the menu is a huge bonus at the Rooster Coffee House adding to its already major points for stocking the store with boards games.

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