Robert Gage Salon
Robert Gage Salon

We are Robert Gage Salon

A hair salon in Toronto.

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  • 14 St Joseph Street ,
  • Toronto, Ontario,
  • M4Y1J7

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what makes us great

Considered an aristocrat of the hair industry, Robert Gage is ingenious, intuitive and, while reserved in manner, his presence demands attention. His expertise is beyond most and being in the business for almost 30 years, he knows everyone. Once dubbed “Mister Glitter” for his society clientele, Gage does hair for everyone from Norman Jewison, Peter Munk and Dalton McGuinty to Catherine Nugent and Belinda Stronach. His salon, which is both private and intimate, leaves you with an everlasting impression of mastership but it’s Gage’s flair for excellence that brings back the who’s who list of clients.

Robert Gage Salon

14 St Joseph Street, Toronto, M4Y1J7


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