Poutineville (Beaubien)
Poutineville (Beaubien)

We are Poutineville (Beaubien)

A poutinerie in Montreal.

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  • 1348 Beaubien Street East,
  • Montreal, Quebec,
  • H2G 3A7
(514)544 8800

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what makes us great

Come and create your own Poutine from a list of fantastic and fresh ingredients or choose from our chef's specialties.

Poutineville (Beaubien)

1348 Beaubien Street, Montreal, H2G 3A7

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Create your own poutine?! Sign me the fuck up. Add every imaginable topping then remove said toppings (because LOL, no) but make sure to keep the cheese curds then finish it all off with the beef stock gravy.

Poutineville is so good that it’s really hard to put into words. The classic is everything you’d want – cheese curds, mozzarella, braised beef and wine sauce or there’s the sampler with the option of crushed potatoes or sweet potato fries. But that’s not for anyone because crunchy fries always wins, no substitutes.


If you’re at a place called Poutineville, you’d be a damn fool not to try any of the 11 poutines on the menu including their Philly cheesesteak Greek and Italian-inspired dishes. This is some of the hottest, sloppiest, gravy-est poutine in Montreal. But if you’re looking for a little variety, they’ve got lots of other things to order including their Jumbo Chicken Wings that come in either BBQ or 911 sauce. Dump ‘em right into the poutine, eat ‘em with a fork n’ knife, and you’ve got yourself a good time, my friend. Poutineville comes is especially perfect after the bar. Poutineville is open ‘til 3am on Fridays and Saturdays.

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