Pizzeria Napoletana
Pizzeria Napoletana

We are Pizzeria Napoletana

A pizzeria in Montreal.

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  • 189 Dante Street ,
  • Montreal, Quebec,
  • H2S 1K1
(514) 276-8226

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what makes us great

Choose between 41 Italian style pizzas and 34 pastas.

Pizzeria Napoletana

189 Dante Street, Montreal, H2S 1K1

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A large pizza and a bottle of wine – tell me that isn’t your perfect evening Monday – Sunday. Pizzeria Napoletana is tapping into everyone’s hearts by being a BYOW restaurant that offers 41 different styles of pizza on its menu. That’s exactly why you’ll find a large queue outside of its doors on any given night. No matter, there’s an SAQ down the street at 7010 Boulevard Saint-Laurent and a pizza with your name on it inside of Pizzeria Napoletana. Just be patient with the lineup. And even though the restaurant itself can get crowded and noisy, don’t forget you’re just there for the thin crust. Atmosphere and ambiance be damned.

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