Pig Iron Coffee Roasters
Pig Iron Coffee Roasters

We are Pig Iron Coffee Roasters

A coffee shop in Toronto.

  • 1662 Bonhill Road ,
  • Toronto, Ontario,
  • L5T 1C8
(416) 889-6927

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what makes us great

Great coffee is no accident; it’s a cumulative effort between many dedicated workers from farm to café. Our task as a roaster is framed by the work done before the coffee reaches us. At Pig Iron, we collaborate with farmers, sourcers, and importers that are as quality-focused as we are to bring in the most complex and ultimately delicious coffees we can find. Using high-quality green coffee allows us to roast with a light touch, bringing out the inherent sweetness and complexity of the coffee itself. Not only does roasting this way make the coffee taste best, it also enables us to tell each individual coffee’s story by allowing coffee drinkers to experience flavours accountable to the coffee’s terroir, cultivation, and processing.

Pig Iron Coffee Roasters

1662 Bonhill Road, Toronto, L5T 1C8

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This steely hog has been churning out premium-roasted, green bean coffee by collaborating straight with the farmers. They’re coffee lovers producing coffee for coffee lovers. Seems simple enough, right? Pig Iron Rasters offer a variety of beans from filter to espresso. Included among them are the Ethiopia Borana for $18/12oz, Steel Wheel Espresso for $15/12oz and Decaf Wolf for $17/12oz. Pig Iron Roasters serves up their beans in cups or in bulk at their Lit Espresso Bar cafe locations on both Roncesvalles and College, where you can also buy pastry and snack goodies, or you can order their beans online. Their delivery service coincides with their roasting schedule, roasting and shipping on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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