Phnom Penh Restaurant
Phnom Penh Restaurant

We are Phnom Penh Restaurant

A restaurant in Vancouver.

  • 244 East Georgia Street ,
  • Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • V6A 1Z7
(604) 682-5777

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Phnom Penh Restaurant

244 East Georgia Street, Vancouver, V6A 1Z7

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This Cambodian and Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown is always busy, so waiting for a table is to be expected here no matter when you plan on visiting. If you can, try to avoid peak hours. The wait seems to be the biggest complaint from customers at Phnom Penh Restaurant, but it doesn’t stop them from sticking around for half an hour to 45 minutes for a free table. But I mean, there’s a reason why this place is always busy: the food is amazing. Phnom Penh is most famous for its deep-fried chicken wings, squid and prawns, as well as its butter beef which are must-orders if you’re visiting for the first time. The wings here are perfectly crunchy and not overly greasy, lightly breaded and seasoned with rock salt, pepper and a touch of sugar. They come with a side of lemon juice with white and black pepper dipping sauce that might also have a hint of crack in it, because it’s one of the most addictive qualities about the wings at Phnom Penh Restaurant.

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