Lot St.
Lot St.

We are Lot St.

A restaurant in Toronto.

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  • 685 Queen Street W,
  • Toronto, Ontario,
  • M6J1E6
(416) 367-8800

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what makes us great

Lot st. Old name for our beloved Queen St! (L)ocally driven (O)ntario proud (T)oronto inspired.

Lot St.

685 Queen Street, Toronto, M6J1E6


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  • If you think the food looks great wait till you actually go and taste it. The evening started off with a wonderful house made bread - I swear I've never had so much butter on bread before! I felt quite guilty about this but that maple syrup butter with applewood smoked maldon salt was very hard to resist. Read More

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    Food Junkie Chronicles Lot St. Toronto Restaurant Review
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