Les 3 Brasseurs
Les 3 Brasseurs

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A pub in Montreal.

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  • 1356 Saint Catherine Street West,
  • Montreal, Quebec,
  • H3G1P6

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what makes us great

A unique microbrewery-restaurant concept

In a time in Northern France where trucks and commercial transportation were not yet a part of daily life, the process of brewing beer was a very different one than it is today. In small villages across Europe, it was the local brewer that filled the vessels of pubs and cafés with beer made from his own closely guarded recipes. With the advent of industrialization, however, local breweries all but disappeared, bringing to an end the era of the authentic microbrewery.

Twenty years ago, a family of brewers decided to revive the traditions of the past that were deeply rooted in three generations of their family – thus the name The 3 Brewers – “three” for three generations of brewing tradition. The 3 Brewers opened its very first microbrewery restaurant in Place de la Gare à Lille in 1986. Since then operations have expanded to 28 locations in France as well as several restaurants in other parts of the world including Quebec and Ontario.

Les 3 Brasseurs' success can be attributed to a unique concept: Fresh non-pasteurized beer made from the purest ingredients and from traditional recipes – all brewed right at the heart of each of our restaurants for patrons to see.

A varied menu includes simple “ brasserie” fare, bistro dishes, and local favorites. Our house specialty, in keeping with traditions from France, is the “flammequeche”, or Flamm for short – an Alsatian-style open-faced pie served with varied toppings.

A stunning authentic microbrewery installation and European décor mixed in with some local flavour makes the atmosphere inimitable. Where else would you find a restaurant with sacks of barley stacked shoulder-high, gleaming copper tanks and aging barrels in full view for the patrons to see and experience?

The 3 Brewers restaurants offer a truly unique beer-tasting experience in an authentic microbrewery atmosphere reminiscent of the old days. Our mission is simple – to share with our patrons our passion for beer.

Les 3 Brasseurs

1356 Saint Catherine Street, Montreal, H3G1P6

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Started in France and now with four locations in Montreal, Les 3 Brasseurs is more than just a restaurant and pub chain. They maintain a steady menu of beer crafted on site, including White, Blonde, IPA, Amber and Brown. In addition, they offer a monthly brew and a seasonal brew, always keeping a new beer inspiration part of their brewing routine. There’s plenty to choose from in the way of food and they specially design menu options to be paired with certain beer.

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