La Fontana Caffe
La Fontana Caffe

We are La Fontana Caffe

A café in Vancouver.

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  • 101 3701 Hastings Street ,
  • Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • V5C 2H6
(604) 298-4004

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what makes us great

A great Vancouver cafe with a dalek guarding the door.

La Fontana Caffe

101 3701 Hastings Street, Vancouver, V5C 2H6

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Not quite as intense as the Storm Crow, La Fontana Caffe might still be a bit more of a geek haven than your regular coffee and bistro joint, but that doesn't diminish the experience for those who aren't inclined to love entirely awesome things. Some nights are sci-fi themed, others are for current TV show fans, even the owner is a fan himself willing to help out any group have a meeting for whatever their tastes. There’s a decent board game selection and the great wall trappings of films provide perfect ambiance. Who can’t help but be pumped about a board game showdown with a poster of Serenity on the wall? Coffees, sandwiches and homemade gelato as well, La Fontana Caffe is a friendly and fantastic spot for any caffeine or game fan.

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