La Banquise
La Banquise

We are La Banquise

A poutinerie in Montreal.

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  • 994 Rachel Street East,
  • Montreal, Quebec,
  • H2J2J3

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what makes us great

La Banquise is recognized throughout the world for its famous poutines. At the same time pioneers and innovators, La Banquise remains the place to get a poutine 24/7.

La Banquise

994 Rachel Street, Montreal, H2J2J3

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If you live in Montreal and get a hard on every time you start thinking about that hot gravy trickling down your…wow. I’m going to actually stop myself before this gets into R rated territory. Which is hard to do while discussing poutine and especially impossible when La Banquise is the subject.

This 24-hour (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinking bender) restaurant has a number of poutines that range from hot-dog sausages, breaded chicken, sliced pogo and obviously bacon. However, nothing beats the classic – unless there’s bacon, always add bacon.

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