Sizzle & Koi
Sizzle & Koi

We are Sizzle & Koi

A nightclub in Hamilton.

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  • 25 Hess Street South (Hess Village) ,
  • Hamilton, Ontario,
  • L8R2S5

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what makes us great

Thank you for choosing Sizzle and Koi as your late night entertainment destination. Regarded as Hamilton’s premiere upscale night life complex, an evening at Sizzle and Koi immerses you in a multi-faceted nightclub experience.

With a combined five floors of unique entertainment, two expansive and picturesque patios on the first floor, and three balcony patio’s on the second and third floors, Sizzle and Koi never fail to entertain you and keep you coming back for more.

Offering year round entertainment, Sizzle and Koi have become legendary for rising above and beyond the competition. On any given night we may be throwing a theme party to thrill your senses. With staff in full costume, hair and makeup teams on site, and sponsorships fueling our creative fire, we aim to constantly re-establish your expectations.

This is who we are, and this is what we do.

Sizzle & Koi

25 Hess Street South (Hess Village) , Hamilton, L8R2S5


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