Khyber Pass
Khyber Pass

We are Khyber Pass

A restaurant in Montreal.

  • 506 Duluth Avenue E,
  • Montreal, Quebec,
  • H2L 1A7
(514) 844-7131 ‎

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what makes us great

The restaurant Khyber Pass proposes to you an unforgettable trip in Afghanistan. Typically decorated, this restaurant offers plentiful scented and aromatized traditional meals to you. The cook, a true Afghan mom, makes sure that the whole is never spiced too much! Dessert Entries, you will learn many things on the culture of Afghanistan because the waiters are in majority of Afghan origin. Even if Lamb is the specialty, the diversified menu has something to please you all. 

Come and discover a different cuisine which will surely charm you and let you be transported in a country which only waits to be discovered for its richness!

Khyber Pass

506 Duluth Avenue, Montreal, H2L 1A7

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The only way a BYOB restaurant in Montreal can get any better is by having a terrace and wouldn’t you know it, Khyber Pass has just that. Not to mention, the SAQ is not even a five-minute walk away at 4008 Rue Saint-Denis. So no need to plan your liquor route before leaving your apartment. With that being said, you need reservations for this traditional Afghan restaurant since it’s always busy every night of the week. It’s a popular BYOW spot that features friendly service and authentic cuisine. The décor also adds a special touch and while inside gets crowded, you won’t feel like you’re sharing a conversation and table with your dining neighbours.

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