Ken Claude Lambert
Ken Claude Lambert

We are Ken Claude Lambert

A jewellery store in Vancouver.

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  • 1674 - 2 Commercial Drive ,
  • Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • V5L3Y4

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what makes us great

Ken Claude Lambert has over 10 years' experience in creating unique, fashionable adornments for people with chic, refined taste. Situated in the heart of East Vancouver, he has access to an incredibly diverse customer base. Drawing inspiration from all areas of his community, he has created collections that are edgy and interesting, and at the same time elegant and timeless. Ken believes strongly in, and is inspired by, transference. The artistic vision in each piece can be re-interpreted through clients. By wearing a KCL creation, you are immortalizing an idea that was brought to fruition with you in mind.

Ken Claude Lambert

1674 - 2 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, V5L3Y4

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