Immaculate Concept
Immaculate Concept

We are Immaculate Concept

A tattoo shop in Calgary.

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  • 17th 520 Avenue Southwest,
  • Calgary, Alberta,
  • T2R0J7

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what makes us great

All tattoos that take under three hours will be given a direct quote at the time of booking. All tattoos over three hours will go by the shops hourly rate. The hourly rate at Immaculate Concept is $175 for the first hour and $150 for each subsequent hour for each appointment date. Our raised first hour rate is to accommodate Immaculate Concepts increased setup cost compared to traditional tattoo setup costs. Immaculate Concept prides itself on always being at the forefront of health and safety in the tattoo industry which requires a set up cost ten times that of most other tattoo studios.

Immaculate Concept

17th 520 Avenue, Calgary, T2R0J7


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