Hoops Sports Bar & Grill (Bremner)
Hoops Sports Bar & Grill (Bremner)

We are Hoops Sports Bar & Grill (Bremner)

A sports bar in Toronto.

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  • 125 Bremner Boulevard ,
  • Toronto, Ontario,
  • M5J3A8

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HOOPS Sports Bar and Grill is Southern Ontario's premiere venue for all things in the wide world of sports. Major league sports, international soccer, UFC or pay per- view events, we've got it all. All Hoops locations feature a multitude of flat-screens TV's, some on the walls others in private booths and a massive 126-inch infinite plasma for the big events. With a diverse menu that includes traditional pub fare with our own Hoops twist and 19 beers on draught there is always something for everyone.

Hoops Sports Bar & Grill (Bremner)

125 Bremner Boulevard, Toronto, M5J3A8

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Hoops is just a block away from the Rogers Centre with lots of daily specials including Thirsty Thursdays ($3 domestic pints, for eff’s sake) with over 19 beers on tap. They have a nice patio for catching some sun and screaming random shit at passersby in Jays (or opposing team) jerseys.

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