Grouse Mountain
Grouse Mountain

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Grouse Mountain was named by the first recorded hikers to reach the summit in October 1894. In those days, climbing Grouse Mountain was a three or four day epic journey - there was no bridge across Burrard Inlet and no road to the base. The hardy group of hikers slogged through snow, scrambled over rock and up through the dense forest. Along the way, they hunted a Blue Grouse and honoured the plentiful game bird by calling the Peak "Grouse Mountain".

Soon after this first ascent, Grouse Mountain began attracting hundreds of intrepid hikers. Among these were Don and Phyllis Munday who built the first log cabin on the mountain. Today, the Munday Alpine Snowpark bears their name in honour of their contributions to mountaineering.

Grouse Mountain

6400 Nancy Greene Way, Vancouver, V7R4K9


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