Go Fish Ocean Emporium
Go Fish Ocean Emporium

We are Go Fish Ocean Emporium

A restaurant in Vancouver.

  • 1505 1st Avenue West,
  • Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • V6J 1E8
(604)730 5040

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Go Fish Ocean Emporium

1505 1st Avenue, Vancouver, V6J 1E8

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It’s time to move away from the greasy spoons and head to the entrance of Granville Island by the docks. This is the best location during summer to eat fish tacos so please keep in mind the lineups can get a little crazy.

Go Fish Ocean Emporium is known for its seafood dishes – including grilled salmon tacos with slaw, chipotle crema and cilantro salsa. The flour tortillas are also grilled to add a nice smoky flavor that really brings all ingredients together.

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