Gelarmony (Robson)
Gelarmony (Robson)

We are Gelarmony (Robson)

A ice cream shop in Vancouver.

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  • 1222 Robson Street ,
  • Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • V6E 1C1
(604)694 0108

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what makes us great

Welcome to Gelarmony (formerly Mondo Gelato), home of the ultimate flavour experience. We are found in Rome, Beijing, Hawaii, San Diego and Vancouver... and we're working on bringing you more locations. We are a true gelateria artiginale, producing fresh gelato in small batches. Whether it's the pistachios for the gelato or the gelato making machine, Gelarmony sources all key ingredients and equipment directly from Italy.

Gelarmony (Robson)

1222 Robson Street, Vancouver, V6E 1C1

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Formally Mondo Gelato, the premium ice creams found at this shop are always made from fresh ingredients and in small batches. Yet, it’s the selection of 100 different flavours that has Gelarmony always buzzing.

After Eight, Coffee Crisp, Amaretto, Cream Puff, Nutella, Cherry Swirl, Zuppa Inglese (do you even know what that means? Does it even matter?), Hawaiian Papaya, Whisky Cream, Black Licorice, Peanut Butter, White Mint, and Irish Cream for Christ’s sake! If none of these flavours didn’t simultaneously make your body tingle and your left arm go numb then I don’t know what else to suggest.

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