Fly Nightclub
Fly Nightclub

We are Fly Nightclub

A gay club in Toronto.

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  • 8 Gloucester Street ,
  • Toronto, Ontario,
  • M4Y1L5

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what makes us great

Since opening its doors in 1999, Fly nightclub has hosted some of the world's biggest and most talented DJ's and performance artists, establishing itself as one of the world' premier dance clubs.

Much more than just an impressive sound system and light show, Fly is a 10,000 sq foot venue, home to the absolute best parties, week after week.

Fly is the original Babylon from television's Queer as Folk and the recipient of countless BEST dance club in Toronto awards.

DiverCity Series

The Fly Nightclub DiverCity series is a concept to diversify the great space of Fly Club and open its doors to all groups of people no matter what their tastes may be. With events as diverse as Besharam, which caters to a mostly South Asian crowd, to Dance Camp, which is a throw your hands in the air retro dance floor anthem night, all the way to Grapefruit, which brings out our urge to dance to the classics and today's pop hits

Fly Night Club also had DiverCity special events which includes quarterly appearances by Bitch Slap and Gairy Brown's Eden parties.

The Fly Nightclub Divercity series really gives you a great group of nights that people with all tastes in music and crowds can relate to.

Fly Nightclub

8 Gloucester Street, Toronto, M4Y1L5

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