Fets Whisky Kitchen
Fets Whisky Kitchen

We are Fets Whisky Kitchen

A wine bar in Vancouver.

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  • 1230 Commercial Drive ,
  • Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • V5L3X4

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what makes us great

Fets Bar & Grill is owned and operated by Eric & Allura Fergie, it originally opened as Fettucini's Cafe in 1986. After nine years - to the day - Fettucini's was closed, but not for long and in February 1996 Fets Bar & Grill opened acrosss the street from it's original location. Not wanting to have the same look as the rest we hired world renowned muralist Paul Archer to through our crazy vision on the walls and ceiling. What we got was work in progress, we're on our third version, that has imortalized the rock and roll icons of our lives, some dead and some alive. We have a Rolling Stones section, Abbey road with a twist, Frank Zappa and others.

Our Fetish is food and we believe in REAL FOOD with REAL FLAVOUR blend that together with REAL PEOPLE and you've got a great neighbouhood joint. Fets is home to the largest whisky collection in the city and a great deck to enjoy it all on.

Fets Whisky Kitchen

1230 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, V5L3X4


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