Fashion Crimes
Fashion Crimes

We are Fashion Crimes

A clothing store in Toronto.

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  • 322 Queen Street West,
  • Toronto, Ontario,
  • M5V2A2

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what makes us great

Pam Chorley - designer of FASHION CRIMES is one of the first independent Toronto designers to take up shop on Queen West. FC began as a small store with a few racks packed with feminine treasures. It has now evolved into a haven of classic inspired yet cutting edge dresses for girls and women of all ages and occasions. Pam has been in the fashion industry for 25 years and continues to impress with fresh and new design concepts on a daily basis. She has been featured in many magazines and TV shows including Toronto Life, City TV, Fashion Magazine, Wish Magazine, Flare Magazine, Parade, Wedding Bells...the list goes on and on! The most intriguing aspect of FC is the fact that most of the dresses in shop are produced around the corner at her studio, making it possible for Pam to cater to every woman and child for a more personalized shopping experience. It is not just her fashion designs that make Pam a significant icon in the city of Toronto...she is hands on in every aspect of design. Any person who has entered her store can tell that this is no ordinary place created by any ordinary person. People are always wondering what she is going to come up with next...

Fashion Crimes

322 Queen Street, Toronto, M5V2A2


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