Envy Nightclub
Envy Nightclub

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A nightclub in Vancouver.

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  • 11920  70th Ave ,
  • Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • V4E1T1

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what makes us great

Envy Entertainment was established in 2007 with a single goal of capturing the Asian Pacific nightlife market in Vancouver, BC which was once undefined. Our mission is to become the industry leader in this market in providing students and young professionals with consistent high quality nightlife entertainment that suits their tastes and needs.

Envy Entertainment is a professional & dedicated Event Management and Promotions Company based in Vancouver BC. We specialize in organizing night club events at the most prestigious venues with an Asian Pacific twist. Our team consists of marketing gurus, modern entrepreneurs, and smart-savvy university students with a passion to serve the Vancouver Asian community.

Envy stays up-to-date & connected with the community by keeping close relationships with university student clubs, existing business partnerships, and maintaining valuable personal networks. When you come to our events, expect to see unique themes, amazing prizes, and great people. Every party that we chose to host was done with much thought and represents what makes our brand today.

Envy Nightclub

11920  70th Ave , Vancouver, V4E1T1


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