Dunn's Famous
Dunn's Famous

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A sandwich shop in Vancouver.

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  • 827 Seymour Street ,
  • Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • V6B3L4
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“Dunn's Famous” is a truly loved Quebec institution founded in 1927 by Meyer Dunn. It uses traditional recipes that include unique brine, proprietary light rye sourdough bread and always hand sliced, prepared to order, your-choice-of lean to fat, triple A beef brisket. The first west coast restaurant will offer all the Montreal sandwiches, poutine and smoked meat favourites as well as new, locally inspired recipes with a Montreal twist. All day breakfast items on the all day menu will keep the late risers happy while late night poutine is the perfect end to a night on the town! Take out menu features our famous smoked meat sandwiches as well as party and platter items.

Dunn's Famous

827 Seymour Street, Vancouver, V6B3L4

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The Dunn’s Famous franchise began in Montreal in 1927 and has since spread to locations all over Quebec as well as Toronto and Vancouver’s Seymour Street. The deli stays true to its Montreal roots with smoked meats, beef briskets and six types of poutine including the traditional Quebecoise, smoked meat poutine, peppercorn, vegetarian, and more.

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