Detour Coffee Roasters
Detour Coffee Roasters

We are Detour Coffee Roasters

A coffee shop in Toronto.

  • 2-2234 Harold Road ,
  • Toronto, Ontario,
  • L7P 2J5
(289) 238-8360

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A specialty coffee roaster, retailer, wholesaler and Cafe.

Detour Coffee Roasters

2-2234 Harold Road, Toronto, L7P 2J5

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At Detour Coffee, every single detail is about quality. Going with the slogan “Thoughtfully Sourced”, they work with Fair Trade, buy large quantities direct from origin, focus on environmental roasting and make sure that no matter what beans they have they are freshly roasted to the best possible quality. They source their stock from all over the world, including Brazil, Ethiopia, Columbia and Rwanda. Their batches come in either 12oz or 1lb bags, starting at $15 and you can even pick up their custom espresso roast they make for Dark Horse cafes across the city. If you wish opt for the economical (and simple) way to order their beans, sign up for a subscription that delivers 2 bags every 2 weeks. Prices start at $70.

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