Dark City Coffee Company
Dark City Coffee Company

We are Dark City Coffee Company

A coffee shop in Toronto.

  • 410 McLevin Avenue ,
  • Toronto, Ontario,
  • M1B5J5
(416) 282-6100

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what makes us great

Since 1987, we've been in the business of custom roasting. We pride ourselves in the fact that we roast only to order, which means you get your beans within hours of being roasted. Unlike most coffee that spends its best days expiring on a shelf, your coffee arrives at your door in its prime (before the staling process has even begun). We don't even use fancy packaging because it's not necessary when it's this fresh.

Dark City Coffee Company

410 McLevin Avenue, Toronto, M1B5J5

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One of the oldest gurus in the roasting game, Dark City Coffee Company have been doing their thing since 1987. There used to have a couple of store fronts, but after a bit of restructuring Dark City sticks to what they do best: freshly roasted coffee beans. It’s a pretty simple process too. Every batch is roasted to order, so you know you’re getting a fresh batch the minute you pick up the phone to order. Yea you read that correctly, you order by phone. After you list what type of blend and roast you want (and if you want them ground) your beans are shipped off to you to the tune of a $1 delivery charge in the GTA. As long as you have your order in before 12pm, they’ll arrive the next day. Everything from light to dark, African to Indonesian, straight to your door.

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