Dare to Wear
Dare to Wear

We are Dare to Wear

A clothing store in Vancouver.

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  • 1028 Granville Street ,
  • Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • V6Z1L5

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what makes us great

Dare to Wear' is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, currently housed at 1028 Granville Street. 'Dare to Wear' sits as the crown jewel of downtown Granville, and is both a leading competitor and fabulous fashion innovator on the West coast clothing scene.

Although our line of products is comprised mainly of clubwear (mini dresses, skirts, halter tops etc.), lingerie (teddies, corsets, stockings etc.) and swimwear, we do also have an impressive selection of sexy shoes, dazzling jewelry and other fun items (e.g., fishnet gloves). It's also worth noting that during Halloween, for example, we are THE place to shop for great, affordable costumes that come complete with all the coolest accessories.

Dare to Wear

1028 Granville Street, Vancouver, V6Z1L5


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