Coffee Tree Roastery
Coffee Tree Roastery

We are Coffee Tree Roastery

A coffee shop in Toronto.

  • 2412 Bloor Street W,
  • Toronto, Ontario,
  • M6S 1P9
(416) 767-1077

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what makes us great

Founded in 1988, Coffee Tree Roastery is Toronto’s first on-site roastery and roasts ethically-sourced, quality coffee on an artisanal scale.  The backbone of our business has been a 3-cylinder Jabez Burns batch roaster producing 3 batches of coffee every 12-15 minutes.  Last fall we purchased a new artisan roaster called the SanFrancisco6 and have bumped our hourly capacity to 15-18lb.  The place still smells great!  You can witness the roasting most days when you stop by for your beans or espresso a go-go. 

Coffee Tree Roastery

2412 Bloor Street, Toronto, M6S 1P9

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Right outside Jane Station in the west end is the Coffee Tree Roastery—a gourmet coffee shop that brews up their own freshly roasted coffee beans and serves breakfast and lunch items to boot. One of Toronto’s first on-site roasters, Coffee Tree stands strong with its ethically-sourced, quality beans. Their bean offerings and blends aren't just delicious, but they hit every notable coffee certification you’d need: fair trade, organic, grower direct, UTZ certified and they’re part of the rain forest alliance. Some of their signature blends you can buy in bulk include Hot Rod, Millionaires Mixture, Sensuous Morning and the regular Espresso la Corazon. They range from light to smooth to heavy and they come in 12oz bags, with prices starting as low as $15.

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