Cinema (Closed)
Cinema (Closed)

We are Cinema (Closed)

A nightclub in Toronto.

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  • 135  Liberty  Street ,
  • Toronto, Ontario,
  • M6K1Y7

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what makes us great

The inspiration from CINEMA was born from its namesake - similar to the real-life equivalent, Cinema aims to transport one to a place that could only be brought to life on the big screen. Hyper-realistic natural elements mix with high-tech, futuristic elements to create a dynamic environment.

The interior of Cinema draws on inspiration from disparate realms. . Large scale trees take center stage (both literally and figuratively) and are balanced by a series of programmed LED’s that form the backdrop for the VIP area, a space which has a private view behind the DJ booth.

To contrast the high energy levels of the main floor is the downstairs dining lounge where paneled walls and tufted banquettes create an intimate and comfortable spot to rest up and refuel for a night of dancing upstairs. On the outdoor terrace, enjoy a drink at the bar amongst manicured sculptural greenery and enclosing natural vines.

Come and see a Toronto club unlike any other.

Cinema (Closed)

135  Liberty  Street, Toronto, M6K1Y7

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