Cinco De Mayo Mexican Grill
Cinco De Mayo Mexican Grill

We are Cinco De Mayo Mexican Grill

A restaurant in Vancouver.

  • 200 Esplanade West,
  • Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • V7M 1A6
(604)770 1010

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what makes us great

Inspired by the Culinary Magic and Influence of the Central Mexican High Lands. We bring those unique and traditional flavors together with widely recognized dishes to not just provide Mexican cuisine, but to create a Magical experience with tongue tingling tastes and tantalizing aromas.

Cinco De Mayo Mexican Grill

200 Esplanade , Vancouver, V7M 1A6

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Cinco De Mayo Mexican Grill is a simple operation located in North Vancouver so again, just focus on to the delicious food. You’ll be a much happier person to sink into authentic, cheap tacos.

The portions are fairly large so it’s advisable to bring a friend or two along and also, lunch lineups can get hectic (not always the best time to visit). With all that said, this place is still a God amongst other lower Lonsdale Mexican restaurants.

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