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Champagne & Cupcakes

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A clothing store in Toronto.

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  • 1114 Queen Street West,
  • Toronto, Ontario,
  • M6J1H9

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what makes us great

Once upon a time, there was a party gal named Caroline. With 12 wedding invites (yes, in one year) and countless parties to go to, she noticed there just weren't enough places where you could easily pick up a cute little dress in Toronto. All the places were either too pricey, too cheap cheap, or too cookie cutter.

So, Caroline decided to share her design skills of making party dresses and open a little dress boutique catering to her fellow social butterflies looking for something different for a great price.

Champagne & Cupcakes, named after Caroline's private dress label, opened in spring of 2008 in a powder room like boutique in West Queen West.

Whats in the name? The "Champagne" represents the little luxuries the boutique features and "Cupcakes" represents the affordability. Champagne & Cupcakes is all about affordable luxuries.

C & C offers a variety of products and services. Champagne & Cupcakes dresses are 100% locally made in our on site studio and uniquely offers a limited edition feature where only a few pieces are ever made. Thus having a perfectly unique piece! The white label collection where you can modify existing styles to create your very own dress is a great option for modern bridal parties. The Just For You custom design option is a great option for getting that absolute dream dress, perfect for the bride on a budget.

The boutique also features an array of carefully picked, fantastically priced pieces from LA and Korea. Treats for everyone!

Since opening in 2008, Champagne & Cupcakes made the little/big move east to trendy Queen West in Spring 2012. Champagne & Cupcakes has since expanded to yummy separates. Not just for special occasions, Champagne & Cupcakes has something fresh for everyone!

Champagne & Cupcakes

1114 Queen Street, Toronto, M6J1H9


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